I worked at Apple from 2011–2016 as part of the Human Interface Device Prototyping Group, a small team of hybrid designer/engineers leading exploratory interface design and prototyping for future product ideas.

The group collaborates with teams all over Apple, from mechanical engineering to marketing. It designs and builds often the very first end-to-end demos of new hardware and software, showing new capabilities, experiences and contexts of use.

I must have worked on hundreds of ideas during my time in the group, and can’t really show the full breadth of it here, other than a few marketing photos. A good way to check out the team’s work is to root through the patents and follow the names. Some recent products that originated with us include 3D Touch, the Taptic Engine, the Apple Pencil, the Apple TV Remote, the dual-zoom Camera UI, the Touch Bar and Animoji, as well as many updates to existing products.