I worked as Lead Interaction Designer for Last.fm between November 2007 and November 2009. I got to work on a wide range of projects, from the website, to desktop software, to mobile phone apps, and integration with hardware partners.

Over 2 years, I worked on many nooks and crannies of the website. It was a massive, sprawling beast of a thing, with over 40 million users, so the work mainly involved iterative improvements and ad-driven changes, together with the occasional big redesign.

Last.fm had an amazing array of talented engineers, who helped tease out information about interactions and paths people took around the site. I’d take this data and produce diagrams like these in order to help inform key bits of decision-making.

A lot of my work involved grouping trends and patterns of behaviour seen around the site, to help better define what got built and how to improve it. These took the form of anything from formal diagrams to rambling streams of consciousness drawn during the course of heated discussion, when notes and thoughts could translate into working prototypes within a matter of hours. This work tended to mean running between strategy people, advertising teams and developers, helping to turn sales pitches into prototypes and vice versa.

I worked closely with Last.fm’s partners, such as Sonos, Logitech, Apple, Android, Motorola and so on, to help align Last.fm’s user experience on third-party hardware and software. One of the bigger jobs was with Microsoft, where we co-designed Last.fm for Xbox Live.

I worked on more detailed production jobs as well as strategy and service design, especially on stuff we produced in-house, like the Last.fm iPhone and Android apps, desktop software client and Radio page. In these situations I would look after everything from UI wireframes and flows down to icons, typography, layout, animations and so on.

I designed the first versions of Last.fm’s apps for iPhone and Android, and was Last.fm’s UI design consultant to companies like Nokia, Orange, Samsung and Vodafone, advising on their custom apps.

Designing the iPhone app, August 2008 Designing the iPhone app, August 2008 Designing the iPhone app, August 2008

The original Last.fm iPhone app was chosen to run on a series of Apple ads run in the UK during February and March 2009, (first run during the telly coverage of the BRIT awards, which was nice).

Overall I was very lucky to work with some amazingly talented engineers. More often than not I got to jump from outlining services and interaction in broad strokes, to the trenches, supplying them with graphic assets to put together UI elements. The best work usually emerged when there were as few steps as possible between these points. Sketching in code as well as on paper was super productive, and winning arguments with prototypes was particularly rewarding.