This is a landscape of experimental furniture I worked on in a team with 5 other students at the RCA (Corrine Bacon, Peter Marigold, Duncan Wilson, Manolis Kelaidis and Alan Outten). The project was sponsored by Sony and was first shown during the launch of the Playstation Portable (PSP) in late 2005.

The forms of the furniture are generated from the statue-like forms of people sitting, standing or leaning against walls lost in the world of onscreen gameplay.

From the official blurb:

“Devices like the PSP are simultaneously public and private objects, in that they encourage shared experience but require a degree of isolation and immersion. How do designers address the immateriality and relatively new language of use of these devices? What impact will they have on future patterns of living?”

It was first exhibited in December 2005 and has been shown internationally at several furniture shows, exhibitions and in many faceless corporate lobbies. You can see more over on the official website.