I worked at Apple between 2011 and 2016 as part of the Human Interface Device Prototyping Group, a small team of hybrid designer/engineers leading exploratory interface design and prototyping for future product ideas.

The group collaborates with teams all over the company, from mechanical engineering to marketing. It typically designs and builds the first prototypes of new hardware and software, helping frame new capabilities, opportunities and contexts of use.

I must have worked on hundreds of ideas during my time in the group, some of which made it into shipping products:

Force Touch trackpad & Taptic Engine
Launched in 2015

3D Touch & Taptic Engine
Launched on iPhone 6S

Apple TV with Siri Remote
Launched in 2015

Telephoto Lens
Launched on iPhone 7

Face ID
Launched on iPhone X

I’m also named on about 30 patents. Apple was an incredible place to work – the concentration of talent there is one of a kind. Hundreds of people are involved in the decisions that help get these products into the world, and I’m lucky to have been a small part of it.