About the project
About the students

Corinne Bacon
Industrial Design Engineering
Corinne has a mad hankering to be either a gypsy or a pirate, but careers in these fields are few and far between. Whilst waiting for a window of opportunity, she is occupied by the quest to educate herself to death, at such great institutions as Loughborough University and the Royal College of Art, mashing up engineering and design in ways you could only dream of. She is also embarking on a plan to improve her sword fighting skills in readiness for the next civil war.

Matthew Brown
Interaction Design

Matt grew up just outside Belfast, eventually graduating with a first class degree in Interaction Design from Ravensbourne College in 2003. He has worked for various design studios including Engage and Airside, and completed training as a secondary school art teacher in 2004 before getting rid of the leather elbow patches and coming to the RCA to begin an MA in Interaction Design. So far he has presented work at Imagination in London and the Mattel Design Summit in Los Angeles. He plays the trombone and has a worrying fondness for road sign typography.

Manolis Kelaidis
Industrial Design Engineering
Born on a cloudy night in Athens, Manolis was raised like a nomad with the schizophrenic effects of receiving Greek, German and American education. He has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering, work experience as a researcher on smart materials and biomedical engineering and was a lecturer on Aeronautical Structures at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich. Currently, he is doing an MA in Industrial Design Engineering at the RCA, with activities ranging from product, architectural and urban to exhibition design. Occasionally, he pretends to be a photographer.

Peter Marigold
Design Products

Peter graduated from Central St Martins in 1997 with a BA (Hons) in Sculpture. He began working in a variety of scenography / prop / model / costume environments and spent the last two years as a tutor of Technical Theatre (Deputy Master Carpenter) before starting at the RCA. During this time he has maintained the delusion that sculpture could be a viable way to earn easy money and has continued to exhibit delicate, high-maintenance, interactive / performative objects widely in the UK. During a year spent in South America he set up a small business selling Coconut Radios on Ipanema Beach, Rio De Janeiro. Although the project was economically questionable, it proved an alcoholically invaluable experience.

Dr. Alan Outten
Interaction Design

Alan grew up locked in a small, dark room creating computer games and making models. The computer games led to a BSc in cybernetics and a PhD in biomedical and neural systems engineering. The model making eventually led to studying Interaction Design at the RCA and a fascination for the science and art of creativity. His previous work has ranged from designing stuff for NASA to recording the sounds of human muscle; from exhibition design to creating the world's smallest website (guimp.com - includes the world's smallest versions of Pong and Pacman).

Duncan Wilson
Design Products

Duncan graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2001 with a BA (Hons) in Product Design. He lived and worked in Germany for 3 years after completing an internship at Bohner Design, Stuttgart before beginning his studies in Design Products at the Royal college of Art.